Standard Plectrums

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Our standard plectrums include any of our regular shapes, made from one material, one color, and in our standard nominal sizes, 3mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. If you require a specific size not listed here, check out our custom order plectrums! Our standard series are available with no-charge Laser engraving, either our full logo, or just the Suibhne S. While the engraving looks awesome, it also adds a nice change in texture to the grip surface of the pick, allowing easier gripping the pick.

Standard – the same footprint as a regular ‘ol pick, like you’d find in your couch cushions, but thicker, pointier and meaner! A superb pick for most playing styles, and a sweep pickers dream! The thick rounded grip of these picks allows for supreme comfort, reduces hand and wrist fatigue, and makes for a very fast player! Some materials, like polypropylene for instance, are not recommended for this style, as it is so slippery, and the curved surface of the grip may cause it to jump right out of your hand, but is definitely worth trying out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Flatty – Formerly known as the Schultz, except with a longer grip surface than the previous model, the flatty is our second most popular model. Super smooth bevels allow excellent control and precision, speed and comfort! Easier to grip than the standard model when made from slippery materials, the flatty is sure to become a daily player! Footprint is somewhere between the standard and a Jazz style pick. As each pick is individually cut and shaped by hand, exact dimensions aren’t always possible, but these are typically about 31mm long, by 27mm wide. Thickness is up to the customer, with 5 and 8mm being the most popular sizes.

Jazzy – Same footprint as a Dava pick, but nice and thick, typically 4-7mm depending on preference. I offer these as I know lots of guys love their jazz picks, but I can personally never get along with a jazz pick, no matter who makes it. Those who use them love them though!

Jazz3 – The ever popular jazz iii plectrum, available in 1.5mm, 2mm, or 3mm. Sold in money-saving packs of 3, these handmade jazz picks are made with a matte surface for grip, and polished edges/bevel for super smooth playing. Available in acrylic, kirinite and UHMWPE only at this time. If you want other materials, please contact us and we will see what we can do!

Triforce – The triangle shape everyone knows, but with some girth to it for better control! Three usable tips for three times the fun!

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