Welcome to the Suibhne Plecta shop! More options are being added all the time, as I develop new models or get my hands on new materials, so be sure to check back often! Each and every plectrum is made individually, by hand, by me, so you can rest assured you are getting top notch and consistent quality everytime! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

Please note: Plectrums ordered in acrylic fluorescent orange, fluorescent green and blue are ONLY AVAILABLE UP TO 6mm thickness. If you select a thicker size in these 3 colors, you will receive a pick that has been laminated (2 pieces), and I can not guarantee crystal clarity of these plectra. When laminating, they are prone to showing minor scratches inside the pick, possible air bubbles, or exhibiting cloudiness. I have not had an issue with any plectra made from two pieces this way, but aesthetically, they are not as nice as one piece picks. Please keep this in mind when ordering.