Hardwood - Our picks were originally designed over 4 years ago using high quality exotic hardwoods, which make for absolutely beautiful plectrums! These provide excellent tone, all slightly different due to the different species used, however, they don't last as long as our high-end plastics. Current stock ranges from Holly to Ebony, including Bocote, Hickory, Nogal, Ipe, Maple, Tulipwood, and many more! Laser engraving leaves nice smooth black lines.

Acrylic - Currently available in 8 different colors, acrylic is a very durable, super slick material, with a fairly bright tone, and great attack. A sweep picker's dream, these picks are as nice to look at as they are to play with! Laser engraving on this material gives a nice "etched-glass" look.

Polycarbonate - Only available in Clear, Poly is a very strong, durable material, which will last indefinitely. With a nice bright tone, and great grippy feel, Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for any style! Laser engraving leaves nice deep lines adding to the grippiness of the plectrum. Unfortunately, this does not polish quite as well as the acrylic, so does not get such a nice clear effect. Tonally, these sound quite similar to acrylic, but with a bit more attack.

Ultem - A beautiful amber colored high end plastic, Ultem makes a very durable, very slick plectrum with awesome grip properties! The warmer your hands are, the better it grips! Excellent tone, nice and bright, but not chirpy or ice-picky, Ultem is arguably one of the best possible materials for boutique plectrums! Laser engraves nice black lines, and will polish as fine as acrylic.

U-glass - Glass filled ultem, so characteristics are quite similar, although it looks very different, and a bit brighter tonally. An all around excellent material, U-glass is sure to become one of your favorite picks! Engraves nice solid black lines.



Tagua Nut


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