Aside from doing complete custom builds, Suibhne Guitars also offers the following:

Handmade Guitar Picks

These guitar picks are handmade by myself in the Suibhne Guitars workshop from various species of hardwood, and are also available in super slick white teflon. These picks are much thicker than your traditional nylon, delrin or celluloid picks, but don’t let that turn you off. These picks are super comfortable and with a just a few minutes of “adjustment period”, most people find they prefer the feel, grip, tone and articulation that these plectrums offer. Available in three different thicknessess (5mm, 8mm and the “Mammoth” 11mm), and ten different species of hardwood (more variety coming soon), there is something for everyone. See for yourself what difference just a pick can make!

For a limited time, these picks will be offered to you for $5.75 a piece ($9.75 for teflon), with free shipping on orders over $60. This price will be increasing for 2016, as it is a very lengthy process to hand shape, sand and polish these, so get your order in today!

If you have any special requests for certain woods, feel free to reach me via the contact page, and I will see what I can do to accomodate your desires!

Current options for different woods include:

  • Mahogany
  • Curly Maple
  • Ebony
  • Padauk
  • Zebrawood
  • Purple Heart
  • Pau Ferro
  • Yellow Heart
  • Cherry
  • Rosewood

The Teflon picks are super slick, very resilient, and comfortable, especially given the ergonomic shape of these handmade picks. Try one today, you will be glad you did! These won’t be available forever, as the current supply is short, and after these are gone, if I can find more of this stuff, it won’t be this cheap at all. This is also a phenomenal material to use for nuts and acoustic saddles. For information on having your guitar retrofitted with a nut or saddle (or both!), please contact me through the contact page.

Refretting – complete board $210 (EVO gold wire add $20, Stainless Steel add $45)

Partial board – $10/fret

Fret Levelling – $130 includes crowning, dressing and setup

Nut Replacement – $45 Bone, Antler or Teflon. Graphtech extra, depending on style

Set ups – starting at $50, includes action, intonation, neck adjustment


Complete rewire (pickups, pots, caps, jack)

Basic Quality – starting at $55

Includes Alpha pots (250k or 500k), ceramic caps (0.022uf, 0.047uf), standard jack

High Quality – starting at $70

Includes CTS pots (250, 500, 1Meg), Orange Drop caps, Switchcraft Jack

  • Best Quality – $100

Includes Bourns pots (250, 500, 1M) Emerson Caps, Switchcraft Jack, Treble Bleed circuit.

***All pricing based on customer supplied pickups, includes shielding of all wiring cavities, high quality wire, testing, etc. Aftermarket pickups may be sourced through Suibhne Guitars, at additional cost and downpayment. Contact me for help in choosing your pickups, if needed. Custom wiring options are extra, such as coil splitting, blend pots, phase switching, etc.

Pickup Swap – One pickup $35, $10 for each additional (in same guitar)

*Based on customer supplied pickups. . Aftermarket pickups may be sourced through Suibhne Guitars, at additional cost and downpayment. Contact me for help in choosing your pickups, if needed.

Add Coil Split – $35 Alpha pot, $40 CTS pot, $45 Bourns pot

Add Treble Bleed circuit – $35

Please contact for additional services, specialty repairs or customizations.

At this time, Suibhne Guitars is not offering refinishing, unless it is repairing an oil finish or French Polish.

All repairs are guaranteed against poor workmanship. In the result of electrical component failure, manufacturer warranty may apply, but labor will not be the responsibilty of the customer.

Contact us today for a quote on your first Suibhne Guitar!