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The Marlin is a unique and super-ergonomic design, which boasts incredible comfort, improved grip, and superb playability. Available in both standard and jazzy styles, and thicknesses from 4 – 10mm. With a rounded grip and finely pointed tip, expect a very fast plectrum with killer attack and pin-point accuracy! One cool thing about this pick is that it feels thinner than it really is. A 6mm plectrum feels more like a 4mm, an 8mm feels more like a 6mm, and so on, while still retaining the benefits of the thicker size.

This design is modelled after a plectrum I had made in early 2018 from a piece of swordfish bill I had kicking around the shop for a while. The natural shape of the bill made for such a comfortable pick that was accurate and fast as can be, so I knew this had to adopted to the regular lineup of plectra. While the material offered incredible tone, it was, unfortunately, quick to wear out. I suspect this was due to the age of the sample I had on hand, it was at least 25 years off of the animal, so I opted to mimic the shape from some of the high end materials already on hand. This is my current “go-to” pick, and has been VERY well received by the first few customers to try them out! Order one today to see for yourself!!

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Standard, Jazzy


4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


Acrylic (Clear), Acrylic (Black), Acrylic (Glass-Green), Acrylic (Green), Acrylic (Orange), Acrylic (Blue), Acrylic (smoke), Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Tagua Nut, Kirinite (Purple), Kirinite (Orange), Ultem, U-Glass, UHMWPE (Blue), UHMWPE (Yellow), UHMWPE (Teal), UHMWPE (Purple), Richlite, Delrin (Black), Delrin (White)

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