Standard Series Plectra


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The Suibhne standard series plectrums are crafted and polished completely by hand, and provide you with the utmost in comfort, accuracy and control! These are the same footprint as normal picks, but with a sharper point, and much thicker. Available from 4-10mm, the added thickness separates your thumb and forefinger for a more natural ergonomic position, putting less strain on muscles, joints, nerves and wrist. This gives you a more relaxed grip, minimal fatigue, and greater speed and accuracy.
Also available in the “Jazzy” size, which is just a smaller footprint, similar to other jazz style picks other than the jazz iii.

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Standard, Jazzy


4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm


Acrylic (Clear), Acrylic (Black), Acrylic (Glass-Green), Acrylic (Green), Acrylic (Orange), Acrylic (Blue), Acrylic (smoke), Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Tagua Nut, Kirinite (Purple), Kirinite (Orange), Ultem, U-Glass, UHMWPE (Blue), UHMWPE (Yellow), UHMWPE (Teal), UHMWPE (Purple), Richlite, Delrin (Black), Delrin (White)

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