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Select your choice of material and shape, color of material if applicable, and thickness. If you wish to order something totally unique, say an acrylic pick with stripes of alternating colors, please contact us first, and we will make arrangements from there. If you do not receive a reply within 24hours, please reach out to us through facebook or instagram, and your order will be taken through there. Thanks so much for choosing Suibhne Plectrums, you're going to love them!

Please feel free to reach out to us after you have received your plectrum(s) to let us know what you think! We believe you will be fully satisfied, and hope you will share your experience with other players!

**Not all materials available up to 12mm. Most woods are fine, as well as Polycarbonate and Clear Acrylic.
*15, 18 and 20mm plectrums only available in acrylic, any color, standard shape only. These will be 5-piece laminates, and can be selected in multiple colors.

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With all the possible options available for our handmade plectrums, hopefully we have included all of them in this store! If there is anything you don’t see but would wish to purchase, contact us here to discuss!

Standard – Same footprint as your typical run of the mill guitar pick, with a sharper point, and nice thick rounded grip.

Jazzy – Based on the Dava style jazz picks, bigger than a jazz iii, but smaller than a standard. Again, thicker and pointier.

Triforce – It’s a triangle! You’re typical 3-pointed plectrum. 4mm and under are fully bevelled, and 4.5 and up are thick in the center, and come to 3 nice points.

Lanza – Slim, long and pointy! The Lanza has a gem-like shape with a narrow taper, our newest shape should have a place in everybody’s pick collection!

Clear 5.5mm acrylic

Flatty – Awesome flat grip, super sharp tip, the Flatty is a winner all around! Excellent attack, fast as can be, ultra-comfortable size! Originally developed with guitarist Marc Schultz, the flatty is the second generation of plectrum in this style.

Ultem flatty boutique handmade plectrum guitar pick

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Wood, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, UHMWPE, Polypropylene, Ultem, U-glass, Tagua Nut, Bone, Kirinite


Natural, Kirinite – purple haze, Kirinite – royal blue, Kirinite – charcoal, Acrylic – clear, Acrylic, – white, Acrylic – cool blue, Acrylic – smoke, Acrylic – black, Acrylic – glass green, Acrylic – fluoro orange, Acrylic – fluoro green, UHMWPE – yellow, UHMWPE – blue, Wood – random, Wood – ebony, Wood – Bocote, Wood – Teak, Wood – IPE, Wood – Bubinga, Wood – Walnut, Wood – Mahogany, Wood – white ebony


Standard, Flatty, Jazzy, Triforce, Lanza


4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm, 9.5mm, 10mm, 12mm**, 15mm*, 18mm*, 20mm*

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James says:

Love these!!! I my be addicted.

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Amazing picks!! cant wait to order more

Rating: 5
suibhneguitars says:

Thank you!

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