Specialty Wood Picks

Wooden picks with acrylic, bone or deer antler tips! Also avalable as wooden picks with bone or antler center strips. Our bone and antler is dried in house through a 4 step process, which removes ALL traces of any grease inside the bone, leaving a very strong, dense and clean product to work with.

Not available in tri-tip

Standard Acrylic Picks

Handmade plectrums from acrylic make for an AWESOME tool to play your guitar with! They are durable, very fast, comfortable, grippy for your fingers, but slippery on the strings, and it looks great! This section is for single colored picks, though we do also make some with multiple colors. Look for those in the Specialty section!
These have quickly become our biggest seller since their introduction, order yours and see why!

*3mm only available for tri-point picks