Located just outside of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Suibhne Guitars began as a part time hobby, mostly doing set ups and small repairs. With the original intention of building custom hand made instruments, we have unfortunately closed our custom shop for the time being to catch up on orders. However, in the meantime, we are offering beautiful custom, handmade plectrums in many different materials at competitive prices and  the absolute highest quality!

Our plectrums are designed with ergonomics, efficiency and comfort being the main considerations for design. Our thicker design offers a more relaxed grip, for greater economy, accuracy and comfort! Couple this with our high end materials, and you've got a pick that will really make a difference! Great for any style of music, and any guitar or bass, acoustic or electric, try our picks out to see what a difference quality and design can make for you!

We use many different materials in the making of our plectrums, all of the highest quality! From wood to bullet-proof glass, there is something for everyone! Check our materials page for more information! 



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